Generate your uncrackable password

The Uncrackable Password Generator uses the bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate a password using whatever text and number you enter. The unique combination you choose is used to create a password of several optional lengths. This javascript application runs entirely on your computer with no data being transferred to our server. This means that whatever you enter is privately maintained on your computer. We don't see anything you enter.

The point of this application is to allow you to generate an impossible-to-crack password (at least, using today's technology) using your own simple password that would normally be too easy to guess. For instance, you can enter your cat's name, "fluffy", into the first box, and then the number "5" in the second box to generate a 14-character password that is extremely secure. You just have to remember your simple pet name password and the number to re-generate your new password any time.

If you are on a public computer and you aren't sure if a keylogger is installed, or if you would like to utilize international keyboard characters, click on the keyboard icon next to each input box to use your mouse to enter your input. Please note: if you use the on-screen keyboard, you'll need to click the "Generate password" button to generate your password.

It's a simple process:

  1. Enter some text in the first box;
  2. Enter a number in the second box. The larger the number, the longer it will take to generate. Remember, this runs on your computer, so the speed of the password generator depends on your computer's speed;
  3. Either leave the default password length of 14, or choose one of the other options for a longer password; and
  4. Cut and paste your generated password wherever you need it.

Please note that this may not work so well (or at all) on Internet Explorer. My testing shows that IE is not very realiable. Besides, why would anyone still be using IE in the first place? Use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera please.

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